NY - NEWS: Long Island group brings 'power' of parents and children to climate strike

Mothers Out Front Long Island made the news when they joined the #ClimateStrike in Battery Park:

Greta Thunberg had just finished addressing the big crowd in Battery Park, when Jennifer Rogers-Brown of Mothers Out Front LI, a few hundred feet from the stage, described what tied together her group and the youth-led Global Climate Strike held at sites around the world Friday.

"There's power in us as parents. And kids clearly have power collectively," Rogers-Brown of Huntington Station said, gesturing toward the stage. "It's learning how to use it."

Their group seeks to build mothers' power and mobilize "to ensure a livable climate for all children." Mothers Out Front started in Massachusetts in 2013, and the LI team began a few years ago. It has a core group of about six people, Rogers-Brown said last week.

About a half-dozen people from Mothers Out Front LI traveled to Manhattan for the climate strike, and Mothers Out Front had about two dozen at the event overall, including attendees from the city and upstate. Among them were men, kids and two strollers.


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