NY - Protesters Want More Renewable Energy, Less Natural Gas

At a rally with allies and Mothers Out Front New York, with guest speaker Aaron Mair, former president of the Sierra Club, protesters pushed for National Grid to stop expanding natural gas pipelines:

The protestors are urging National Grid to back off plans to build or expand natural gas pipelines across the state. In addition to the proposed E-37 project in Albany County, the utility company involved with a plan that would transport fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New York City....

"It is doing a lot of bad things to our Earth and we are kind of destroying it and this is our shot, we don’t have many more," 13-year-old Jessie Kelley said.

[embedlycard url="https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/capital-region/news/2019/05/13/pipeline-coalition-protest-albany#"]

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