NY - Mother speaks out at the Yates Town Board Meeting

On February 14th, Susan Campbell spoke at the Yates town board meeting with 5 town board members, 3 of whom are staunchly opposed to the LIghthouse Wind Project. The LHW project will have a total of 47 turbines, 9 of which will be located in the Town of Yates on private land. The remaining 38 turbines will be located in the Town of Somerset.


NY_Susan_Campbell_Yates_Mtg_CE.jpgHere is Susan's statement:

As an individual and as a volunteer leader of Mothers Out Front on the local, state and national level, I heard with sadness that the Galloo Island Wind Project application was withdrawn. Clean green energy is the only way we will be able to transition off fossil fuel and curb the climate change that is endangering every living thing on earth. The withdrawal of this application makes it even more important that the Lighthouse Project goes through. The project will produce at least enough clean power to power 50,000 homes. I feel it is time for this board to stop opposing this project and start to negotiate a deal that will benefit our town the most while allowing us to participate in transitioning to a cleaner, healthier earth for ourselves, our children and future generations.

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