NY - Tompkins County Organizing Workshop

In late October, Mothers Out Front ran an organizing skills workshop hosted at Cornell University by the group Climate Justice Cornell. A mixed group of students, Mothers Out Front members and local allies spent four hours working and learning together. Among other skills we practiced relationship building through the one-to-one conversation and crafting an effective public narrative. The cross-pollination between students and community members was stimulating for all.
One participant said: "This was a great, thought-provoking workshop. Lots of ideas and energy. Worth the time."




Another said: "Great to be trained with students and others; and to work with concrete, immediate organizing projects in mind."


NY_TompkinsCountry_Orgwkshp_IMG_8230.JPG  NY_TompkinsCountry_Orgwkshp_IMG_8234.JPG

NY_TompkinsCountry_Orgwkshp_IMG_8238.JPG  NY_TompkinsCountry_Orgwkshp_IMG_8243.JPG

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