NY - Town of Huntington moves forward with renewable energy resolution

On January 23rd, members of the Town of Huntington Community Team met with Town Councilperson Mark Cuthbertson to ask him to sponsor a resolution in support of their renewable energy goals. The meeting was quite promising, with Councilperson Cuthbertson providing ideas for moving the resolution to the full board by Mother’s Day. He is also open to suggesting the Town consider making “100% renewable energy” part of the theme for the annual Family Earth Day Expo.




The Huntington team is advocating for the Town Board to implement recommendations from the Town’s Climate Action Plan, to commit the town to become “carbon neutral,” to promote green businesses in environmental justice communities and to commit to using 100% renewable energy for town-wide energy consumption. The team and allies were thrilled and energized by the meeting. They are off to a great start in achieving their goals for the Town of Huntington!

“This first meeting was small step for MOF but a huge step for the town of Huntington!" - Jenny Strandberg

"I am so happy to work with such a motivated group who recognize the immediate need for progressive policy that will protect our community."- Jennifer Rogers-Brown



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