NY - Westchester Rivertowns on the Rise For Climate

Thank you to Sarah Miles Smiley for the report-in from the Westchester Rivertowns Team and for all you're doing to #RiseForClimate!

Our table at the TASH Farmers Market on Saturday was a success! We signed up 33 supporters/potential team members, plus had some great conversations with people about the need to transition our communities to renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Many thanked us for doing this, and others were excited and hopeful to find a local group of like-minded people to join. One mom knew of the Mothers Out Front chapter in Boston and was happy to find out that there was a chapter here. 


We talked with people with experience in sustainability consulting, energy systems in real estate, the local school board, zero-waste living, the village planning board, and even a NASA climatologist! Clearly, the Rivertowns are popping with talent that can help us move this agenda forward.

NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3720.jpg  NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3722.jpg

We got positive responses to the ideas of pursuing electric school buses for our districts and for community composting.  People added their climate pledges to our Rise for Climate "tree", and posed for photos to support the Rise for Climate Day of Action.  See pics below!

NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3724.jpg  NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3726.jpg

NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3734_b.jpg  NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3753_b.jpg

NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3735.jpg  NY_WestchesterRT_SSMiley_Rise_3736.jpg

Thank you to everyone for your help and support, and a huge thank you to Arline, Lea, Melissa, and Nancy for running the table with me on the day.  

We'll be following up with those who signed up with us by inviting them to a house party in October. Stay tuned for details.



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