PODCAST: Building a Community with Mothers Out Front - Vanessa Rule

Thank you to MIT Climate for spotlighting mothers' voices in the conversation about climate change! Listen to this interview with Vanessa Rule, Co-founder and Director of Expansion and Learning at Mothers Out Front about how we are building a community of volunteers who are taking on fossil fuel infrastructure and sustainability in their communities.

“[Technology] - that’s not the missing piece of the puzzle, right now. So we have science and technology [to address climate change.]. But we also have incredibly powerful special interests at the decision-making table that are representing one set of interests. What we need is to have more people at the table because the more perspectives you have at the table, the better decisions you make. And so right now, most decision makers aren’t working to put the interests of children first and if they were, they would be making really different decisions. So our job is to represent those kids who don’t have a voice and to make sure that their interests are represented.” - Vanessa Rule

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