PODCAST: Interview with Kelsey Wirth - No Match for Moms

Thank you to the host of the "Hiding in the Bathroom" Podcast, Morra Aarons-Mele, for this profile on Kelsey Wirth, Co-founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front! Find out more by clicking the link below!

"From the time she was five, Kelsey Wirth traveled with her dad Tim Wirth as he was up for reelection in Congress- every two years in a swing district. Kelsey says she grew up in the spirit of both unpredictability and standing up for what you believe in. She is comfortable with uncertainty, something she credits with her success as an entrepreneur (she co-founded Invisalign at 27) and her work behind the non profit Mothers Out Front, which uses grassroots organizing to tackle the dirty energy powering climate change. Mothers Out Front creates practical solutions against a threat that can feel hopeless. Recently, members mapped gas leak spots in their community, setting in motion a plan that could reduce methane from gas leaks Massachusetts by 50%."

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