Renu Bostwick - MA


Working with Mothers Out Front has helped me keep despair at bay when I think of our children’s future at risk. Climate Change is no longer something we have the luxury of debating, and we can no longer wait on a technological fix.  

It is inconceivable to me that something as profound as our ability to survive on our planet is not being frantically worked on by everyone on this planet.  And please know that I’m not talking about mankind's ability to survive in generations to come -- I’m talking about our ability to survive now. Our over-consumption is already causing droughts and floods and hurricanes, right here in the US, as well as in other places in the world.  We are already seeing famine.  We are already seeing migration and insecurity.  We are already seeing war, as in Syria. We are already seeing millions of refugees.  We are already seeing babies dead on seashores. 

As I’ve been hearing more of the despairing news about Climate Change and hearing news reports of extreme weather events, like the flooding in South Carolina and droughts in California, I can no longer just make minor changes in my lifestyle. I cannot stand by as those with less means are not able to get themselves to safety and not able to rebuild their lives after a catastrophe. I see that the world ahead for my children and my grandchildren will be one of disruption and eventually war, as resources get tighter and lives get more desperate. This is not the kind of world I want my children and grandchildren to have to bear.

I need to be able to face my children today and my grandchildren some day and be able to tell them that I put in all my effort to change the situation. Mothers Out Front is filled with smart, dedicated women who are rising up and making change happen. There is much work to be done, but there is also much hope in joining together with these amazing women.


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