VA - Coming together for the Richmond Public Narrative Training

The Richmond team gathered at Pocahontas State Park on Saturday, February 23 for a Public Narrative training facilitated by Kim Miller. 

Storytelling is at the heart of what we Mothers Out Front do. We know that presenting the facts concerning climate change has failed to convince our elected officials to act. Stories tap into the emotions and have the potential to move decision-makers toward meaningful action.



Kim Miller, standing on the right.


One recent participant in Massachusetts noted, “Not only did we learn the individual components of how to create an effective story that is personal, emotional, and powerful, but we also got to develop and practice our own stories. This workshop opened my eyes as to how stories can be used as a tool to better reach people and move them to action!"

If you want to learn more about Public Narrative training at Mothers Out Front, please email [email protected].

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