Rise Checklist!



Days Leading Up To RISE

ASK every team member participating in your RISE event to prepare their Twitter account for September 8th. Make sure your profile includes a photo and see our guide on how to start a Twitter account if you don’t have one already.

LEARN the hashtag for your specific RISE event and the Twitter handles of your state’s electeds.

SHARE on Twitter and Facebook how and why you are participating in RISE at least twice this week on different days and times of the day so as to reach a diverse audience.

CALL your Governor and let him/her know that you will be participating in RISE this Saturday and that you want them to take bold climate action for your state now. Find phone numbers and calling tips here.



CHECK to make sure phones/video cameras are charged up!

SHARE PHOTOS on Twitter and Facebook of your team members doing their RISE actions no matter how big or small the action is. Try to share at least 2 -3 different photos throughout the event.

VIDEO RECORD any Mothers Out Front speeches & get footage of moms in action on your phone! 

POST QUOTES from event speakers (especially Mothers Out Front speakers!) and relevant comments from people that stop by your table that highlight how we are all united on climate concerns.

INCLUDE both the #MothersOutFrontRise and your specific event’s hashtag on all your tweets.

TAG your electeds on relevant tweets to bring our climate demands to their attention.

REMIND your fellow teammates to be posting to Twitter and Facebook during your event and retweet/like their posts.


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