Host a House Party


Why host a house party?

The fossil fuel industry and its political allies are accelerating the extraction, transportation, and burning of gas and oil with great harm to families and communities today and to our collective future from water, air, and soil pollution and from climate change.  

The leadership to transition to safe renewable energy and create a better future will come from the people who provide the political support for town and city councils, manager, and mayors, governors, and other state elected officials to pass laws to make it happen. Elected officials listen to moms because they know that we will do what is necessary to protect our kids -- including organizing and voting. We have a unique role to play in ensuring decision-makers act to transition off fossil fuels to renewable energy.

And now is the time to do so.  On September 12-14, 2018, elected and business leaders will come together in San Francisco at a Global Climate Summit to work on the renewable energy transition and they need to have the people’s support in order to take bold action, and not just make empty promises.

You can join the movement to ensure moms speak out and are heard by decision-makers on this issue by hosting a Mothers Out Front Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice House Party.

Host a Mothers Out Front Rise House party to:

  • connect with each other
  • learn about the issue
  • talk about how you can send a message to your elected officials and the leaders meeting at the Global Climate Summit that you want them to act to protect all kids.

How does a house party function and how do I host one?

  1. Sign up to indicate you are interested so we can contact you and walk you through the process
  2. Find a co-host -- you don’t have to do this alone, and it’s more fun!  (And if you can’t, that’s perfectly okay too.)
  3. Draw up a list of the people you want to invite!
  4. Pick a date and location (your home is great, but so is a community center, library, park)
  5. Join a 1.5 hour Mothers Out Front House Party Facilitation Training
  6. Ask people to bring drinks and snacks to the gathering
  7. Follow our guide to facilitate the house party (it’s easy!)
  8. Enjoy connecting with other moms and allies at your party, share knowledge, and take a photo to send to elected officials letting them know you want them to act. Join a local campaign and/or plan to join or organize a September 8th Rise For Climate, Jobs, Justice Rally together!

Sign up below to host a house party and we will be in touch!