The U.S. must lead the way on climate progress:

Do not pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Less than two years ago, we were celebrating what seemed to be international progress against the threat of climate change in the form of the Paris Climate Accord. Now, with a new administration in Washington D.C. we are in danger of pulling out of this critically important agreement.

Why is this a problem? Because the US needs to lead on the reduction of fossil fuels. Both for the health and safety of our own citizens and because if we lead, other countries will follow. Now is the time to reduce our use of fossil fuels and the emissions they produce. Now is the time to embrace clean and renewable energy. If we do these things in a coordinated way our children have a chance at a healthy livable climate tomorrow.

Mothers Out Front are invited to write a letter to Ivanka Trump urging her to advise the President to stay the course on the Paris Climate Agreement. We have drafted a sample letter below. Feel free to use this text or edit it in your own voice!

Dear Ivanka Trump:

As a fellow mother we think that you will understand the urgency with which we call on you to advise the President to remain a leader in the world fight against climate change. The U.S. must remain a strong member of the Paris Climate Agreement in order for other countries to follow and reduce the use of fossil fuels and their emissions.

If our children are to have a liveable climate tomorrow, they must be able to count on our remaining true to the agreement that was made in Paris in 2015. In addition, we must embrace the technologies of today. Investing in clean, renewable energy not only helps us with our goals of combating climate change but this sector has some of the fastest job growth of any industry.

So much depends on U.S. leadership on this critical issue. Our very own armed forces have named climate change one of the biggest threats to National Security. Now is the time to strengthen these agreements and move forward with clean, renewable energy so that all children can have a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ellen van Bever
Mothers Out Front

Contact information for Ivanka M. Trump, Special Assistant to the President:

  • Address:
Office of the Chief of Staff
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
Washington, DC 20500

Sample tweets:

@IvankaTrump @MothersOutFront urge you to honor the Paris Climate Agreement. Our children’s futures depend on it. #MothersProtectClimate

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@IvankaTrump @MothersOutFront urge you to fight 4 the Paris Climate Agreement. US National Security depends on it #MothersProtectChildren

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@IvankaTrump: All we want for #MothersDay is the Paris Climate Agreement. @MothersOutFront believe all children deserve a livable climate.

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Facebook Post:

Dear Friends: Please join me in urging Ivanka Trump to advise her father to honor our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. The U.S. should lead the way for reducing fossil fuels and building clean and renewable energy sources. Click here to learn more:

I urge you to tweet at Ivanka Trump, send her a letter (sample tweets and text in the link) and ask 5 friends to do the same!

Thank you!

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