Mothers Out Front Social Media Guide for #RiseForClimate

In support of Rise for ClimateMothers Out Front will be calling upon our mayors, governors, and other local and state decision-makers to make a fast, fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy and an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects.

If you cannot attend a local event or even if you can, a great way to get your decision-maker's attention is by tweeting or posting your message and pictures on Twitter/Facebook and tagging their official accounts!

  • Along with tagging your elected official(s), please tag @MothersOutFront and use both hashtags #RiseForClimate and #MothersOutFrontRise in your posts.


  • BEFORE THE EVENT: Take a selfie with a sign that says #WhyIRise, and include your reason for joining the event. Share on social media with the hashtags #WhyIRise and #MothersOutFrontRise
  • If your team is visiting an elected official's office, recruit people who cannot join you to support the event on social media, making your ask in-person and online! You can even have a call-in campaign, too.
    • Email [email protected] to get an email or call-in campaign created to support your event.
  • Attend a #RiseForClimate event and take photos of people—including mothers and children. Share them on your Twitter and Facebook pages with the hashtags and tag @MothersOutFront. Add a quote saying why you chose to attend.
  • You can ​make a sign​ that says, “#WalktheTalk, Governor [Last Name] because …..” and finish that sentence for us! Then take a selfie or a group shot holding the sign and post it with the hashtags and tag @MothersOutFront.
  • Make a selfie video with your team or your family and tell us why you want your decision-makers to make a clean, just transition to clean renewable energy. Post your video on Facebook and Twitter, tag the official you are targeting, tag @MothersOutFront and add the hashtags.


Accounts for Mothers Out Front and Poor People’s Campaign:

FB​: @mothersoutfront 

Twitter​: @mothersoutfront ​

Hashtags​: #RiseForClimate and #MothersOutFrontRise

For California Tweets/Posts, you can add #climatejobsjustice.


What you’ll do on social media…

  • If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet or post to Facebook
  • If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter and Facebook
  • If you have 10 minutes: search #RiseWithMothers and #RiseForClimate and retweet all the tweets you see
  • If you have 20 minutes: you will post a video on Twitter and Facebook, and then share and retweet other mothers’ posts (search on the hashtag #RiseWithMothers.)

Please remember to tag @MothersOutFront and use both hashtags
#RiseForClimate and #MothersOutFrontRise in your posts.


Sample Posts/Tweets: copy text, paste into your post, add a picture and click publish/tweet!

Before September 8th:

  • Real climate leadership means [… enter your own ideas here]. Join me on September 8th, #MothersOutFrontRise,  #RiseForClimate
  • I’m going to #RiseForClimate on September 8. Join me in [your location] or find an event near you: #MothersOutFrontRise

On September 8th or the day of your event:

  • I stand with @MothersOutFront and#RiseForClimate because #climatechange is a danger to my/all children's health today and to their hopes for tomorrow. #WalkTheTalkOnClimate @JerryBrownGov #RiseWithMothers
    • (You can replace Jerry Brown's tag with your Governor's or Mayor's Twitter name)
  • For our children, for #climatejobsjustice, we need our leaders to be bold and #WalkTheTalkOnClimate. [Tag for decision-maker], will you help me protect my children's health and stop building new #fossilfuel infrastructure?


Sample Images from (right-click to download each image):


rise-share-img_1.png    climateleader_rise_IG.jpg


New to social media? We have resources for you here!

Need a Twitter account? Follow along on our How to Sign Up for Twitter Infographic.

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