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Mothers Out Front invites talented, mission driven communications firms to submit proposals to work with our staff and members to develop a long-range comprehensive communications plan. Our organization has doubled in both size and reach in the past year, and will double in size again in 2018. We need a fully developed communications strategy that will help us amplify our message and successes, attract new members and share the story of our growth in order to guide our planning for the next 12-24 months.

We expect the process to begin and be completed within the first quarter of 2018.



Mothers Out Front launched in the Boston area in January 2013. Founded on the conviction that there is no more powerful force for change than women who are empowered and activated to protect their children and their communities, we utilize a deep community organizing model to push decision-makers to work aggressively for a swift and just transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

We empower mothers to step into active leadership roles by providing the structure, training, coaching and tools they need to develop and win community-level and statewide campaigns -- getting clean energy legislation passed, stopping construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, fixing gas leaks, and addressing climate change impacts including increased frequency and intensity of flooding and wildfires, as well as a range of health issues like asthma.

Mothers Out Front continues to grow as a national movement with 38 community teams in eight states across the nation including Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and California.  We have over 17,000 supporters who are engaged in our work in some way. We are member-led and include our volunteer leaders in all aspects of our work.



Our Mission  

We build our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate for all children.

Our Values

Realizing and Building Power

Together, we are powerful and we use our power to move decision makers to take actions that will ensure a healthy environment for all children.

We are led by our membership. Leadership and decision making are shared across the movement, and the process and outcomes are made transparent to our members.

We build collective and individual power by encouraging personal agency, learning and sharing, innovation and risk-taking.

Building an Inclusive Community

We are an inclusive movement where mothers’ voices are front and center.

Our work is impactful because we have a strong community built on relationships, kindness, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Working for Climate Justice

In all we do, we keep our mission of a livable climate for all children at the center of our work.

We lift the voices of those who care for and nurture children so that we are heeded by those in power.

We focus resources particularly in those communities who suffer the injustices of climate change and fossil fuel use today and have been historically marginalized.

Persevering with Hope and Urgency

We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and  encompassing challenge of our time.

We maintain hope by working together on concrete solutions toward a livable climate for all children.

We do not give up.



Mothers Out Front is experiencing a period of rapid growth. In the past calendar year, the number of supporters has increased 40% and our individual donor base has doubled. In 2018, our staff and budget will both double in size. Mothers Out Front’s current strategy is to build local and statewide power to have impact on energy and climate decision making. Plans for 2018 include deepening power in our existing staffed states (MA, NY and VA) and putting staff on the ground in California. We will also be focused on engaging historically marginalized communities in the movement.

In addition, Mothers Out Front aims to position itself as a leader in the national grassroots effort to ensure a livable climate for our children, today and in the future. We need to both build our local visibility and build a national presence in digital and earned media to continue to attract new members and build our network across the country. We also need to create a internal system that reinforces our brand so our grassroots network of mothers has inherent knowledge of our message and how to use it effectively.


Mothers Out Front would like an inclusive process that includes our volunteer leaders and staff in the development of a strategic communications plan that will guide us through our next phase of growth.

The scope of the project should include:

  • Assessment of our existing communications including:
    • Assessment of how members seek to engage with Mothers Out Front and with each other to build our our power as a movement  
    • Audit of our print and digital communications to evaluate messaging and recommend innovation
    • Analysis of our organizational structure as it relates to communications, meeting with each program
    • Website evaluation and recommendations for how it fits into our overall communications strategy
  • Generation of innovative ideas for captivating storytelling around our mission and accomplishments.
  • Development of an earned media strategy that positions Mothers Out Front as a thought leader in the national climate movement.
  • Recommendations for brand standards and guidelines.


  • Written communications plan outlining a comprehensive long term plan to guide the next 12-24 months in communications, digital media, earned media, and overall brand.
    • Strategic overview that includes our communications objectives, positioning statement, target audiences and desired action.
    • Communications platforms
    • Messaging recommendations that are connected to our strategic objectives, existing campaign plans and other key dates
    • Benchmarks for measuring our success
  • Brand Book or Visual Identity Standards Manual
  • Presentation of the plan to Mothers Out Front leadership to ensure full understanding of the content and implementation


We expect to hire consultant by mid-February. We need the completed comprehensive plan available to us by April 2018.



Proposal Requirements

  • WEBSIT  

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • A description of your firm and its history
  • An overview of how you would approach this project including the process and style of the engagement. Please share your understanding of the project’s scope and deliverables.
  • Biographies of all key staff who would be involved in this project
  • Provide us with an understanding of your experience:
    • List and describe projects that are similar in scale that your firm has completed.
    • Please include at least one in-depth case study that includes a limited number of creative samples.
    • Include any experience working with volunteer led organizations
  • Proposed schedule and budget
  • 2-3 relevant references


Please submit your proposal by February 2, 2018.


Anne Roach, Communications Manager:  [email protected]



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