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  • "We burnin' and burnin'" – Olivia and the Climate Strike

    2019 Climate Strike


    “We burnin’ and burnin’” – Olivia and The Climate Strike


    Olivia leaves school. Then she designs and creates her sign with the message above and a graphic of an African American girl perched above and behind a globe. Then she boards a bus in New Hampshire to travel down to the Global Climate Strike in Boston.*


    Olivia tells me that this is her first demonstration. There are a lot of “firsts” that youth like Olivia look forward to, first car, first love, first degree, first job, first apartment, but this “first” probably isn’t one of them. She joins millions of other young people and their supporters worldwide taking time out of their daily life to try to change a frightening future before it’s too late.


    Olivia and her co-strikers may feel as though they are on a sinking boat. A key element of their future that they previously took for granted – a relatively stable, predictable, and nurturing natural world – is no longer available to them. They emerge from childhood with the awful realization that their parents and teachers, no matter how much they love them, can’t single-handedly protect them from climate change calamities.


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  • 4 Ways Hurricanes Are Different as a Result of Climate Change

    Satellite image of Hurricane Florence


    As Hurricane Florence makes her way across the Carolinas, we at Mothers Out Front feel deep concern for the people in her path who face a number of life-threatening perils. Eleven people have died three days into the ongoing superstorm. The weather system is moving very slowly at 2 MPH. Twenty-four inches (as I write this) of rain have fallen and more continues to fall. Rivers are expected to crest at up to 40 inches flooding communities. One million people are without power and many are displaced from their homes. People all over are asking, “What is happening?”

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