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  • VA - Students lead Fairfax County’s first climate strike

    Fairfax county students #inthenews for the first climate strike in their county, supported by Mothers Out Front Fairfax County:

    A hush settled over the students clustered around the stage of Vienna’s Town Green on Dec. 6 for Fairfax County’s first official climate strike.

    They remained there in silence for 10 full minutes, one for each year that the United Nations believes humanity has left to save the planet from the most devastating effects of climate change.

    Organizers originally planned to conclude the morning’s rally with that moment of silence, but when a ringing alarm signaled that 10 minutes had lapsed, they asked if their fellow protestors wanted to march down Maple Avenue and received an enthusiastic, affirmative response.

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  • VA - Fairfax County Students Demand Climate Action During Vienna Strike

    Led by our youth leaders, the intergenerational #climatestrikes are building the strength of our collective movement each Friday. In Vienna, high school climate activist Katie M "decided to organize the strike in Vienna, because 'D.C. already has a strong climate movement.'" 

    At the strike, protesters urged people to write a postcard to the Fairfax County School Board. The students and adult allies are pushing for a Green New Deal for FCPS that would switch all of the schools to net-zero carbon emissions by installing solar panels and energy-efficient windows. The plan would also continue the push for electric school buses in the county.

    “I just want to make sure [my kids] have a liveable planet to live in,” Tiziana Bottino, a community organizer for Mothers Out Front, told Tysons Reporter about why she joined the strike.

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  • MA - The future is now: Worcester Youth and residents continue to fight against climate change

    Read this opinion piece in The Gardner News covering the communities in Worcester continuing the fight against climate change, including Mother Out Front Selina Gallo and her daughter.

    One Worcester family’s story

    Xochitl Cruz-Gallo, a 13-year-old from St. Peter Central Catholic, and her mother, Selina Gallo, a professor of sociology at the College of the Holy Cross and member of Mothers Out Front, exhibit symptoms of climate anxiety and grief.

    When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Cruz-Gallo readily responded with “climate change activist.”

    “She has no other choice,” added Gallo, who could not hold back tears when thinking about her daughter’s future.

    “She’s always been super talented in the theater,” Gallo said. “She thought she would be a Broadway actor one day, but this year she told me ‘I can’t do that anymore because I have to work on climate change.’ That really sucks because I can’t tell her she’s wrong.”

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  • "We burnin' and burnin'" – Olivia and the Climate Strike

    2019 Climate Strike


    “We burnin’ and burnin’” – Olivia and The Climate Strike


    Olivia leaves school. Then she designs and creates her sign with the message above and a graphic of an African American girl perched above and behind a globe. Then she boards a bus in New Hampshire to travel down to the Global Climate Strike in Boston.*


    Olivia tells me that this is her first demonstration. There are a lot of “firsts” that youth like Olivia look forward to, first car, first love, first degree, first job, first apartment, but this “first” probably isn’t one of them. She joins millions of other young people and their supporters worldwide taking time out of their daily life to try to change a frightening future before it’s too late.


    Olivia and her co-strikers may feel as though they are on a sinking boat. A key element of their future that they previously took for granted – a relatively stable, predictable, and nurturing natural world – is no longer available to them. They emerge from childhood with the awful realization that their parents and teachers, no matter how much they love them, can’t single-handedly protect them from climate change calamities.


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  • CA - Mothers Out Front at the San Francisco Climate Strike

    Mothers Out Front San Francisco was proud to join youth in the September 20 climate strike in our city. It's youth that gives me the greatest hope—and for whom we feel the greatest obligation, of course. Here in San Francisco, the march was led by Youth vs. Apocalypse and many other youth groups. We adults fell into the march after they led. Here's part of our Mothers Out Front contingent; there were more of us marching with younger children.


    CA_San_Francisco_2019-09-20_10.43.36_Youth_Climate_Strike_best.jpg  CA_San_Francisco_2019-09-20_10.04.02_Youth_Climate_Strike_best.jpg

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  • CA - NEWS: Hundreds marched through downtown San Jose for climate strike

    Mothers Out Front San Jose were part of the #ClimateStrike in their city and were captured by the San Jose Spotlight!

    As part of Mothers Out Front, a group dedicated to creating a healthy climate and a livable future for children, Deanna Pursai said she was marching for herself and her two children.

    After Al Gore released “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, she said she thought the climate issue was obvious and that decision makers would take action. “I love being a mom, but now I feel guilty,” Pursai said. ”This is going to bring awareness, this is our civic duty.”


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  • NY - NEWS: Long Island group brings 'power' of parents and children to climate strike

    Mothers Out Front Long Island made the news when they joined the #ClimateStrike in Battery Park:

    Greta Thunberg had just finished addressing the big crowd in Battery Park, when Jennifer Rogers-Brown of Mothers Out Front LI, a few hundred feet from the stage, described what tied together her group and the youth-led Global Climate Strike held at sites around the world Friday.

    "There's power in us as parents. And kids clearly have power collectively," Rogers-Brown of Huntington Station said, gesturing toward the stage. "It's learning how to use it."

    Their group seeks to build mothers' power and mobilize "to ensure a livable climate for all children." Mothers Out Front started in Massachusetts in 2013, and the LI team began a few years ago. It has a core group of about six people, Rogers-Brown said last week.

    About a half-dozen people from Mothers Out Front LI traveled to Manhattan for the climate strike, and Mothers Out Front had about two dozen at the event overall, including attendees from the city and upstate. Among them were men, kids and two strollers.


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  • VA - NEWS: “We need to take action:” Hampton Roads climate strike in Virginia Beach demands change

    Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach are #inthenews and on #climatestrike, bringing together allies and supporters at the King Neptune statue in Virginia Beach. Watch the video in this news report and see Mother Out Front Golden Carter interviewed as well as Mother Out Front Ruth McElroy Amudsen in the quote below.

    Mothers Out Front, in addition to organizing the event, encouraged attendees to register to vote, saying that if politicians who don’t believe in climate change are elected, nothing will change.

    “If you don’t vote, you can’t change anything,” argued Ruth McElroy Amudsen, a volunteer with Mothers Out Front. “Take action. Don’t just go to meetings and talk about what you might do — do something.”

    Amundsen posed a summarizing question to a round of cheers.

    “The climate is changing — so why aren’t we?”


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