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  • VA - WIN! Sustainability Initiative Passed by PWC School Board

    Mothers Out Front PWC, Climate Groups Applaud Bold Climate Resolution by Prince William County School Board 

    Published by Lowkell, Blue Virginia


    Woodbridge, VA- The moms’ climate group Mothers Out Front (MOF) Prince William County is thrilled to announce the approval of the boldest climate resolution ever passed by a local Prince William authority.

    The resolution, which was drafted with significant input over the course of the year from MOF, the Greater Prince William Climate Action Network (GPWCAN) and youth group PWC Climate Action, was passed unanimously by the PWC School Board last night.

    Our groups advocated for several of the most significant actions included in the resolution:

    • Recognizing climate change as a “worldwide threat with the potential to harm our economy, safety, public health, and quality of life” and planning to create “a long-term strategic plan to address sustainability concerns”;
    • Directing staff to establish standards that include renewable energy and “provide options for design and construction of net zero buildings, including all new construction and major renovations over 10,000 square feet, as well as any major roof replacements”;
    • Presenting the School Board with solar Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) plans for all new construction, and retrofitting opportunities for older schools, where appropriate;
    • Providing the cost of replacing all fossil fuel school buses with electric school buses;
    • Establishing a Sustainability Advisory Committee, comprised of community members, staff, and students, that will provide the School Board with perspectives of all stakeholders;
    • Requesting that the Prince William Board of County Supervisors creates a Joint Task Force on Sustainability in concert with the School Board; and
    • Creating measurable standards of environmental literacy, to include a focus on sustainability for all K-12 students in PWCS.
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  • MA mothers want a livable future for all children

    On Saturday, May 16th, Laura Davis tells us of a Virtual House Party meeting with leaders from multiple teams in Massachusetts.

    "We have added an interactive ACTION component to our house party! We informed participants of the national Mothers Out Front campaign to push for a cleaner, more just future through a green stimulus and #NoFossilFuelBailout.

    We asked each of them to write a key word, phrase, or hashtag so we could take a picture to feature on Mothers Out Front social media accounts.

    Massachusetts mothers want a livable future for all children, and that means an economic recovery that puts families over fossils. Let's make a plan to #BuildBackBetter by centering #CleanEnergy and #ClimateJustice. Mothers Out Front says #NoFossilFuelBailout!"

    You can join the campaign too!  Just click here!



  • The circle game: Covid-19, climate and change by Melissa Ludtke, Cambridge Mother Out Front

    Mother Out Front from Cambridge, MA, Melissa Ludtke was recently published in Cambridge Day sharing her perspective on the relationship between COVD-19 and climate change. 

    Melissa begins: 

    The Covid-19 pandemic has called on each of us to respond in ways that most of us never anticipated. Similarly, there will be little about our gradual return to our daily lives that will feel normal. Nor should they, since medical experts caution that a return to normal endangers all of us.

    We know this about Covid-19.

    But do we hear this in the frequent warnings about climate change? Do we understand that a return to our normal ways of burning fossil fuels endangers all of us, too?

    See the article published in Cambridge Day here or read the remainder below.

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  • NEWS - Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions


    2020  |  By Brady Seal and Andee Krasner 

    Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution

    Rocky Mountain Institute, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Mothers Out Front, Sierra Club

    Across the United States, millions of homes and apartments rely on gas appliances for heating and cooking. Burning gas in buildings is not only a threat to climate action but also to human health, as these appliances are sources of indoor air pollution. Gas stoves, particularly when unvented, can be a primary source of indoor air pollution. What’s more, a robust body of scientific research shows the pollutants released by gas stoves can have negative health effects, often exacerbating respiratory conditions like asthma.

    Despite this growing body of evidence, indoor air pollution remains largely unregulated. In this report, we synthesize the last two decades of research and offer recommendations for policymakers, researchers, health care professionals, and the public to work swiftly to mitigate the health risks associated with gas stoves. Air pollution is preventable, and we hope this report can spur the necessary action to protect public health.


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  • San Francisco Moms GOTV During Earth Week

    To kick off Earth Week, three members of Mothers Out Front San Francisco attended an online training on April 20th by the Environmental Voter Project, an awesome nonprofit (and ally of Mothers Out Front) which focuses on turning non-voting environmentalists into climate voters. They found the training to be well-organized and clear, and quickly learned (even the grandmother!) how to use a special Hustle app to text non-voters and encourage them to sign up to vote by mail. 

    After the brief training, Kathie Piccagli, Maia Piccagli, and Cherie Salonga jumped right in and texted hundreds of nonvoters in Pennsylvania, a key swing state. It was fast, easy, fun, and they received more positive than negative replies. (Whew!)

    The Environmental Voter Project is offering a training for texting and calling non-voting environmentalists on Friday, April 24, from 12-12:45pm EDT (9-9:45am PDT)RSVP here to get the link. While texting can reach lots of people quickly, calling folks is super important in this time of shelter-in-place when door-to-door canvassing is not a possibility.


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  • VA - Woodbridge Team Kicks Off Weekly Digital Strike

    In April, we began our virtual strike in collaboration with climateactionpwc and The Greater Prince William Climate Action Network. Our strike theme this week is People over Profit, and that means doing that by addressing the climate crisis and the coronavirus crisis.

    Over-development can lead to increased flooding and erosion in PWC, contributing to the larger issues of climate change and environmental destruction. Often the new developments don't commit to significant renewable energy or green initiatives. Residents are very aware and often push back, only to be voted over anyway. It's time we put people over profit and loosen the grip of real estate companies and fossil fuel companies in the county.

    We are asking our Board of County Supervisors to explicitly include in the county budget measures that will ensure a clean and sustainable environment for all.

    In addressing the COVID-19 crisis, local representatives must prioritize people over profit, especially supporting our gig/retail/service industry workers, medical workers and other at risk people by expanding social safety net programs, providing accessible health treatment and providing economic relief to PWC residents. #PeopleOverProfit

       VA_Woodbridge_DigitalStrike_PollutersOut_5.jpg   VA_Woodbridge_DigitalStrike_PollutersOut_6_9850.jpg

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  • San Francisco Mothers Speak Up for Setback Limits

    Mothers Out Front San Francisco community team members, Tina Martin and Kathie Piccagli, attended a state regulatory hearing in Oakland on March 9th regarding setbacks for new oil and gas drilling and fracking operations. At the last CalGEM Public Health Pre-Rulemaking Workshop before California’s shelter-in-place order took effect, they joined Last Chance Alliance allies to advocate for a 2500-foot health-and-safety buffer zone to separate toxic drilling from schools, playgrounds, homes, and hospitals, etc. To help make their case, they displayed a vivid poster of a child swinging near oil derricks, painted by Mothers Out Front South Bay team member Susan Butler-Graham. 




    Thanks to everyone who spoke up to protect the health of our communities and the future of all children!

  • Meet Wahya Wolfpaw: Mother, Grandmother and Leader of Mothers Out Front

    The first time Wahya Wolfpaw was escorted out of a Worcester City Council meeting was when she challenged a council member on the myths and historical inaccuracies of the traditional Thanksgiving story. The second time was when she spoke passionately about the unrealistic expectations placed on women with children, returning to community from incarceration.


    “Sometimes,” Wahya says, “People just don’t like it when you tell the truth.” 

    In truth, she says, it was massacre, disease, and disingenuous politics that shaped the Native-Pilgrim “alliance” that was at the root of the Thanksgiving holiday—not a naive welcome from Native leaders. “They were lying to children in schools and I couldn’t sit still for that. My people never said, ‘Welcome to this country.’ And as far as previously incarcerated women are concerned, when they’re coming out and trying to get their children back they’re expected to immediately get a good job and a nice two bedroom apartment. That is not as easy as it sounds and she was led to speak that truth. Wahya says, “Sometimes, when the powers that be see me coming, it’s like uh-oh.”

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  • Meet Patricia Nelson: Mother, Environmental Justice Litigant, Supporter of Mothers Out Front



    By Rosemary Lytle

    When Patricia Nelson decided to come home to Weld County, Colorado—after living for several years in Louisiana—it was because she wanted her son Diego to have the same kind of childhood she had. She wanted him to be surrounded by family; aunts, uncles, cousins. She wanted him to be able to play outside; to breathe fresh air. She wanted him to live in a place that felt safe. But when Patricia and Diego got to Weld County, specifically her hometown of Greeley, it didn’t feel like the haven it'd been in her youth. 

    Her community was being fracked.

    Hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking,” is the process of drilling down into the earth and pumping it full of a high-pressure water mixture to release the gas inside. The term “fracking” describes how the rock fractures. In truth, fractured rock and the corporate wealth it produces, had long been a part of her hometown. There had always been oil and gas in Weld County—and good jobs in the industry. Patricia had family members who had been employed in it forever. In fact, Weld County is called the “epicenter” of the oil and gas industry in Colorado. By one report, there are more than 23,000 active wells in Weld County alone.

    It was really nothing new. But this was different.

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  • CA - Rally at State of the State calls on Newsom to phase out oil production

    Mothers Out Front California were present and accounted for at the Rally at the State of the State on February 19th! Together with our allies, we were also #InTheNews!

    Adelita Serena from Woodland, an organizer from Mothers Out Front, said, “We are here today asking the governor to listen to us as we share our three demands. We are putting pressure on him to be the climate leader that he has to be for the state and the nation. California is seen nationally as one of the most progressive states, yet it is still a major oil producer. I’m so happy that there are so many diverse people from young to old here today.”

    See the whole story:

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