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  • NY - LTE: Con Ed Gas Mora­to­rium is a Mo­men­tous Op­por­tu­nity

    Thank you to Abby Williams and Amy Hill, Mem­bers of Moth­ers Out Front, Westch­ester River­towns Team for #UsingYourMomVoice to push for less "natural" gas and congratulations on being published!

    Cli­mate change is an ex­is­ten­tial threat that we do not have the lux­ury of ig­nor­ing. Our chil­dren’s fu­tures quite lit­er­ally de­pend on our abil­ity to re­duce green­house gases in the im­me­di­ate fu­ture. It is im­per­a­tive of all new con­struc­tion to con­sider this re­al­ity as we plan for the next 10, 20, 30 years and be­yond.

    Read the letter here:

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  • NY - Ithaca Mothers Join High School Students to Rally for Climate

    Thank you to everyone who showed up to get action on climate!

    One major group at the rally was the Sunrise Movement, which is mostly for young people who are looking to support some kind of green new deal. Another community organization that joined the movement was Mothers Out Front, led by Ithaca High School’s art teacher Gina Cacioppo.

    Although many of the speakers discussed global climate efforts, Cacioppo spoke about one in Tompkins County’s backyard: the use of fracked gas at the Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing. A highly controversial issue, Cacioppo spoke about how the plant isn’t in regular use because it’s a peaker plant, meaning it is primarily used when more power is used by residents throughout the county.

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  • NY - LTE: Gas Trucks in Lansing

    Mother Out Front in Lansing NY, Diane Beckwith starts her letter with:

    My family has lived in Lansing for 24 years. We live just off Rt. 34B, five miles north of the Lansing Schools and just 2 miles south of the Cayuga Power Plant. The owners have submitted a permit request to convert the plant to natural gas. All of this gas would be transported by truck.

    Find out why this matters; read the whole letter here: 

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    Media Advisory for Saturday, March 30, 2019

    Contact: Alise Murawski at [email protected]or 202-702-6903


    Concerned Mothers Hold Urgent Public Forum About Gas Leaks, Climate Change

    Over 800 methane gas leaks in Worcester alone, community must act


    WORCESTER, MASS.Mothers Out Front Worcester is holding an urgent public forum on gas leak safety and climate change on Saturday, March 30 at 3 p.m. at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts.

    After months of research and an audit of gas leaks, Mothers Out Front Worcester is gathering the community to take action against the serious threats posed by aging gas infrastructure and climate change. Worcester has over 800 methane gas leaks, some on school properties and in other sensitive locations.

    The forum will discuss actions that can be undertaken by the community and individuals to reduce the harm caused by Worcester’s aging gas infrastructure. Speakers will include representatives from Gas Safety USA, Mass Energy Consumer Alliance, the Worcester Tree Initiative and more.

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  • MA Hired Energy Industry Execs to 'Independently' Review State's Gas System

    Mothers in Massachusetts are holding the governor's administration accountable for a fair and unbiased review of the state's gas infrastructure, following last September’s gas explosions in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley.

    Debbie New of Mothers Out Front still holds hope the review will reflect the public’s interest. “There's an opportunity now for our DPU that hired them — and that's on the Independent Review Panel — to demonstrate that they're working for the public, not the utilities, by giving us a comprehensive, transparent report.”

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  • MA - Mothers turn up heat on natural gas leaks at Worcester schools

    Mothers Out Front Worcester are taking on gas leaks in their town and working to make sure children going to school aren't exposed to methane pollution.

    Many natural gas leaks go unrepaired for long periods of time, but it is illegal for gas companies to let leaks within 50 feet of a school building remain unfixed. In Worcester, as in many cities, there are hundreds of reported natural gas leaks from old, corroded underground pipes. The gas seeps slowly into the atmosphere, polluting the environment, costing rate payers, and possibly causing health problems.

    “The objective is to frame the forum as a way to share the findings with the larger community, hear from experts about the dangers of gas leaks, and also hear about current legislation to address how utilities are held accountable,” said Etel Haxhiaj, a local organizer with Mothers Out Front.

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  • NY - LTE: Viewpoint: Back up renewable energy pledges with actions

    Kelsey Wirth, co-founder of Mothers Out Front and Jennifer Rogers-Brown, Mothers Out Front NY's leadership team sent a message to Governor Cuomo in this Letter to the Editor published in the Times Union! #InTheNews

    Cuomo needs a 2019 state energy plan that has concrete, enforceable targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction in all sectors, and that centers workers and low-income New Yorkers in the decision-making process. A clean energy future will lead to healthier communities, particularly in low-income communities disproportionately affected by dirty energy sources, and will enable Cuomo to strengthen the state's economy and add to the more than 85,000 New Yorkers who work in the clean energy sector.

    Read it all by clicking below:

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  • MA - Protesting the pipeline: In Weymouth, the fight continues

    Mothers Out Front in the news!

    Environmental groups including 350 Massachusetts, Mothers Out Front and Massachusetts Power Forward have been involved with the fight against the compressor station and were at the rally.

    For more info, click below:

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  • MA - Protesting the pipeline: In Weymouth, the fight continues

    January 12, 2019 - 

    WEYMOUTH:Clutching pickets, a group of residents, activists and politicians ardently against a proposed North Weymouth natural-gas compressor station held a rally on the banks of the Fore River on Saturday afternoon....Environmental groups including 350 Massachusetts, Mothers Out Front and Massachusetts Power Forward have been involved with the fight against the compressor station and were at the rally.

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  • CA - Make a Livable Climate a New Year's Resolution

    MOTHERS' VOICES IN THE NEWS! Congratulations Erin Robbins and Linda Hutchins-Knowles, members of Mothers Out Front South Bay, for the published OP-ED.

    Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about how to write an op-ed and why they are important.

    What moms in San Jose have to say:

    It’s time to stop, drop and roll: STOP new permits for oil and gas drilling, DROP current production in a just, managed transition to clean, green jobs, and ROLL out science-based buffer zones around homes and schools.

    Read it all here:

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