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  • NY - LTE: Danskammer power plant will further pollute the region

    Great letter to the editor from Charlie Davenport (member of the Hudson Valley Mothers Out Front - Dutchess County, NY team)  published January 7th in the Record Online/Times Herald Record. He highlighted the health effects and the lack of need for another fracked gas plant to supplement the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant shut down.

    Read it all here: 

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  • NY - Questions for Parents and Prospective Parents - Connections - WXXI News

    Mothers Out Front Wendy Low and Neely Kelley from New York (and a few other parents) were invited to a panel on the Evan Dawson Show ("Connections") to talk about  this article: Parenting the climate change generation.

    You can listen to it here: 

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  • NY - Groups Call On NY Gov To Provide More Money To Replace Lead Pipes

    "Wendy Low is part of the New York state leadership team for Mothers Out Front. She says lead pipes should have been replaced a long time ago.

    'Mothers Out Front is working for the future of children around climate change, but we are supportive of this because that’s what we’re about. We’re about our children’s future. And every child that is poisoned is a family tragedy and tragedy for our society,' Low says. 'So increasing the funding for lead service line replacement at this time will help make replacing all the lead lines completely a reality and not put it off till tomorrow.'”

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  • NY - Group of Mothers and Others supports Lighthouse Wind

    With gratitude to the Lakeshore Mothers and Others team for working hard to change the conversation about #windenergy and congratulations for being #inthenews!

    “We owe it to the next generation to do something about climate change,” [Susan] Campbell said during an interview last week at Yates Community Library.

    She is encouraging supporters of the project to attend town meetings, write letters to the editor and letters of support to the NYS Department of Public Service.

    “Right now the letters are lopsided,” Campbell said, noting that many of the public comments about the project are against Lighthouse Wind. “We’re trying to bring new voices to it.”


    Find out more -> click the link below!

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  • MA - Beyond Gas for Cooking

    Congratulations to the Gas Leak Allies, HEET, the Merrimack Valley Project, Professor Nathan Phillips and, Ania Camargo, Zeyneb Magavi and all the Mothers Out Front volunteers that made this happen! And thank you to Living On Earth for spotlighting this project!

    "[Zeyneb] MAGAVI: Gas leaks – one thing about it is it’s unifying, there’s nobody that thinks they’re a good thing. Right? It doesn’t matter if you’re approaching it from, “hey, we’re wasting money,” or, “hey that sounds dangerous,” or the climate. Like whatever you’re approach is, everyone pretty much agrees they’re not a good thing."

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  • NY - Supporters for wind energy projects need to make their voices heard

    Way to go Chris Loss (Heritage Wind) and Mother Out Front Susan Campbell for the published Letter To The Editor!

    "We – the mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers – will make the difference in whether these projects are built or not by showing our support and getting the true and exciting facts out about how they will help our towns and our world.

    Click the link below and scroll down to the second letter to read their call to action on speaking up for wind.

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  • NY - Mothers Cheer Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Endorsement of Lighthouse Wind

    Lighthouse Wind gets endorsement from the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter!

    Mothers Out Front...thanked the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club for its resolution endorsing the Lighthouse Wind project, saying they know the project will be an excellent rural economic investment for the towns of Somerset and Yates — bringing jobs and revenue that has the potential for tax relief and funding local schools.

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  • MA - After Dozens of Gas Explosions, a Community Looks for Alternatives to Natural Gas

    Thank you to Phil McKenna from Inside Climate News for this thoughtful analysis of the situation facing nearly 9,000 homes in the Merrimack Valley. Environmental advocates are calling for a "green new deal" that would shift thousands of homes off natural gas and onto electric heating.

    Thinking Bigger, with Help from a River

    Zeyneb Magavi, research director for the energy efficiency and clean energy advocacy group HEET and a member of Mothers Out Front, said the collapse of the gas system in the three communities calls for a bigger, more outside-the-box solution.

    She is proposing a district heating system with an unusual heat source: the Merrimack River, which runs through Lawrence and skirts North Andover.

    Find out more: 

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  • The Mothers Are Coming And They Will Change The World

    Read this insightful piece about how #Mothers from Mothers Out Front and Moms Demand Action are making a difference. Thank you, Morra Aarons-Mele!

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  • MA - CLF: Gas Explosions Show How Dangerous The Fuel Is

    From our friends at Conservation Law Foundation, written by Bradley M. Campbell—read the case for why it's time to break our addiction to fossil fuels.

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