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  • PROFILE: In Upstate NY fossil fuels will turn into solar and data


    Lisa Marshall isn’t your typical activist. For one thing, she’s not into crowds. “I don’t really like rallies,” Marshall, a mom of three from upstate New York, said. “They’re a little stressful — not my favorite thing.”

    Marshall, who has two degrees in earth science, remembers being concerned about fossil fuels when New York activists began to push Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to ban fracking in the early 2010s. But she didn’t know the best way to become involved. “At that time, one of the main strategies, which was very effective in New York, was to just show up wherever [Cuomo] was and make sure he had no peace from the activist community until he banned fracking,” she said. “It just was very overwhelming.”

    Then, at one of her first organizing events for the activist group Mothers Out Front, Marshall realized that organizing wasn’t just about making noise.

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  • MA - TV NEWS: Worcester Residents Demand Gas Leak Repairs

    MA - WORCESTER! We want to send a huge shoutout to Mothers Out Front Worcester for their incredible progress on gas leaks this month, including TV press coverage (below), interviewing Gaylen Moore and Patricia Kirkpatrick. The team has been working to get gas leaks fixed at elementary schools and to highlight the health risks of gas, particularly for children. Worcester has one of the highest rates of asthma in the nation.

    With gratitude and congratulations to the team!

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  • MA - WBUR: Confused About The Weymouth Compressor? Here's What You Need To Know

    THANK YOU to WBUR for this incredible resource on the Weymouth Compressor Station story. In their words, "whether you've been reading about the issue for years and have questions, or are hearing about the project for the first time, here's what you need to know." We agree.

    Click the link for the whole story:

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  • MA - Worcester residents demand gas leak repairs near schools

    Mothers Out Front Worcester took to City Hall on June 17th to demand that Eversource repair 5 leaks near schools!

    During the hearing, residents and Mothers Out Front volunteers spoke about their personal experiences with gas leaks in the city. Worcester resident and Mothers Out Front volunteer Rhonda Wahya Hicks said she couldn’t sleep when a leak was discovered at her granddaughter’s school.

    “I’m very angry that it’s taken so long. We’ve been fighting this for a while. Why is it taking this long?” she said during the meeting. “Anything that has the words gas leaks and schools should not even be a public forum. It should already be taken care of. We shouldn’t have to do any kind of talking.”

    Read all about it:

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  • NY - Bethlehem board votes 'no' on National Grid pipeline

    From Albany/Hudson Valley NY Organizer, Megan Root:

    "Last month the town of East Greenbush (the east end of the pipeline) passed a resolution opposing the E37 Albany Pipeline Loop. Now the town of Bethlehem (the west end of the pipeline loop) joins in with voting to oppose this expansion. This is a result (although not mentioned) of Mothers Out Front organizing in the Town of Bethlehem to gain support. We were the main group out front on this end of this dirty fracked gas pipeline expansion."

    From the article

    The Bethlehem Town Board voted Wednesday night to oppose a $70 million natural gas pipeline that National Grid wants to build from Glenmont and under the Hudson River into Rensselaer County.

    The town joins East Greenbush in opposition to the project, which needs approval from the state Public Service Commission.

    "I don't think that these natural gas pipelines are our future," [Maureen] Cunningham said. "I don't think anyone believes they are. I do think that we have to look at the repercussions of every energy source."


    Read the whole article here:

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  • NY - Commentary: Find an alternative to gas pipeline expansion

    Find out about one mom's view of fossil fuel infrastructure in the Capital Region of NY:

    As a mother of two amazing kids in the Capital Region, I strongly oppose National Grid's Albany Loop natural gas pipeline expansion project. It would have far-reaching health and environmental consequences for our communities, particularly in regard to our children's chance for a livable future and well-being.

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  • MA - Mothers Out Front brings visibility to Acton gas leaks

    Terrific coverage of the Mothers Out Front Acton Team's art exhibit to change the conversation about #methaneleaks and to make the invisible, visible.

    According to Judith Aronstein of Mothers Out Front Acton, an environmental activist group dedicated to addressing climate change, a 2017 survey funded by the Acton Board of Selectmen and completed by Gas Safety USA measured the size of some 234 gas leaks in town. These leaks were reported over time by National Grid to town the town Department of Public Works.

    Aronstein said Mothers Out Front wanted to “make the invisible, visible” by finding a way to visually represent those leaks and their size to town residents to help them see the number and size of those leaks and discuss their impact.

    She said the display was about eight months in the making. It was marked Tuesday evening by about 30 residents and community leaders.

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  • NY - Lansing Leads the Way on Energy Transition

    Mothers Out Front NY in the news for their event on May 29th:

    Mothers Out Front and Concerned Citizens of Lansing are hosting guest speaker Claire Muller, of Toxics Action Center in Massachusetts, to talk about a successful “Coal to Sol” transition in Massachusetts.

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  • CA - NEWS: Town Hall for Green New Deal meets Saturday, May 25

    Mothers Out Front in Woodland/Sacramento joined this town hall meeting hosted by the Sunrise Movement, Yolo County Progressives, Sierra Club (Yolano Group), University Professional and Technical Employees, and Young Democratic Socialists of America at UC Davis

    “As a mother and a frontline community representative here in Yolo County, I worry about the effect of the smoke from nearby fires on my two boys when they play and train for football outside,” said Adelita Serena of Mothers Out Front. “On hot days, heat stroke worries me, and I am very concerned to think that some day extreme heat will make it more difficult for kids to play outside and do the things they love.

    Read the whole article here:

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  • MA - After DeSmog’s Revelations, Enbridge’s Weymouth Gas Facility Air Permit in Jeopardy

    This is an important article outlining the recent events around the Weymouth Compress Station air permit process, with Mother Out Front Andee Krasner offering the closing quote.

    The drama continued on Tuesday, when the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the agency contracted by the state to conduct the health impact assessment (HIA) that informed the air permit, essentially withdrew its support for the assessment’s original conclusion, which did not anticipate human health effects from building the fossil fuel facility. It was this conclusion that greenlighted the air permit.

    Citing the newly revealed data, the MAPC said that “the conclusions of any HIA cannot be assumed to hold if new information comes forth, particularly new data that may suggest an increase in risks to people's health.”

    In its statement, the MAPC called for considering the cumulative effects of the facility’s emissions, as well as investigating safety concerns and climate change impacts — issues that were beyond the scope of the original assessment.

    Activists have been encouraging the MAPC to take a public stand against the assessment, at times excoriating the agency on social media.

    We appreciate the professional integrity that the MAPC demonstrated in making their statement,” said Andee Krasner of the group Mothers Out Front, following the agency’s statement. “As a public health professional, I was heartened to see that they included the need to understand the cumulative impact of the current pollution burden and emissions from new sources. There is ample data to demonstrate the compressor is a danger to health, a danger to safety, and will significantly add to greenhouse gases.”


    Read the whole story here:

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