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  • Welcome to our new series, profiling members in the Mothers Out Front Community!


    Featured Member: Susan Campbell, New York               SusanCampbell_WPIns.jpg


    When did you get involved with Mothers Out Front?

    During a 4-H fair last year, Kat Mosely of, Light House Wind, introduced me to Neely and Lisa, NY State Community Organizers. We sat and talked for almost two hours about our hopes for future generations and the earth. I decided after that conversation to start a group in my area because we don’t have a group with mothers and grandmothers that is working for future generations.


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  • Kristine Jelstrup, MA

    "My name is Kristine Jelstrup, in the pink hat. I have two boys and I am very concerned about the planet that they will have to live on when they grow up. I am so grateful to Mothers Out Front for giving me an opportunity to actually DO something to try to make the world a better place. I have become an activist and a better person because of this movement and have met the most amazing women who I am proud to call my friends! Together we ARE the change we need and together we WILL make the climate better!"


  • Claire Humphrey - MA


    Thank you to Viki Bok, Mothers Out Front Jamaica Plain for sharing her story about Claire, rising to the challenge:

    The “Season of Mothers” has been chock-a-block with Mothers Out Front events, and we have all had to ramp up our intensity, turning out for event after event to press for a transition from dirty to clean energy – marches, postcard solicitation and delivery, gas leaks tagging, community presentations. I’ve seen so many of our volunteers rising to the challenge and then some. Case in point: Claire Humphrey who, despite serious issues with her feet and knees that would have kept many others in their easy chairs, showed up to march in the Wake Up The Earth parade yesterday, followed by today’s 6+ mile Mother’s Day March for Peace from Fields Corner to City Hall in the rain. Showing up. It’s what we do.

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  • Molly Jacobson - NY

    I am part of Mothers Out Front because it connects me to mothers and others from around my region and the country with shared environmental concerns and values. It is an empowering organization that works for change at many levels. I want my children to know that I tried to do something to make the world a healthier place for them and future generations.

    - Molly Jacobson, Keene Valley, NY 

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  • Anna Winston - VA

    I have joined Mothers Out Front for many life-worthy reasons. As a mother and grandmother, I support Mothers Out Front’s campaign for every one to live in a clean climate environment. Mothers recognize the present dangers of raising sea water levels, local coastal flooring's, and environmental causing-illnesses, that impact our families' lives. 

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  • Tara Marie Kotliar - NY

    "As soon as I learned about Mothers Out Front, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It is so important to me to give our children the opportunity to live in a healthy world." Tara Marie Kotliar is a Mother Out Front from Huntington, NY.

  • Monique Adams - VA

    "Being a member of Mothers Out Front is important to me because it opens a platform for ordinary people to have a voice regarding extraordinary concerns. Mothers Out Front has helped opened my eyes to the reality that climate change is happening and there is an urgent need for change if we want a healthy future for our children. I am excited to be a part of an organization that is passionate about bringing action and awareness to the forefront and helping to hold elected officials to their responsibility and promise to serve the people." - Monique Adams, Norfolk, VA. (a city at high risk due to sea level rise.)

    Monique is an extraordinary volunteer who joined us in 2016.  Welcome, Monique!

  • Linda Finch - NY

    Linda Finch of Sullivanville, NY testifies at a public hearing about why the Dominion compressor station's air quality application should be denied - for the safety of her family and community.

    "Dominion's air quality application is pure fiction and its methods criminal. Its documentation, its figures, its statistics have been so cleverly manipulated that one would think they're actually bringing economic prosperity to our county."  #Dotherightthing

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  • Carolyn Wilkins - MA

    To me, working with Mothers Out Front at the local, state and national level has been about how we fit together the overt need for climate action, how we begin to rattle the cages of those Mothers (and Others!) who've been lulled into a state of numbness over the climate situation, and how -- finally -- we transform their grief and fear into community, confidence and action.

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  • Katherine Chicon - NY



    Why am I involved in Mothers Out Front?  It's simple.  Climate change affects just about all facets of our lives and the lives of our children:  the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and extreme weather leading to natural disasters just to name a few.

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