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  • MA - Mom Column: Brookline's Historic Climate Vote

    A Mother's perspective on the historic Brookline, MA Warrant Article 21 prohibiting fossil fuel use in new construction and in renovations, published by Brookline Wicked Local:

    Like any mother, I think about my children’s future all the time. I look at the world that they are inheriting from us and I feel great anxiety. As a mother, I want to protect my children no matter what. The looming reality of global warming and climate collapse is something that requires immediate action. I have realized that I need to do everything I can to urge individuals and communities to protect the future for all children.

    Last Wednesday night, at the Brookline Town Meeting, our community took action. By an overwhelming favorable vote, we passed the broadest ban on gas and oil infrastructure in new construction and significant renovations in the entire country. From this decision alone, carbon emissions in Brookline will be lowered by about 10% over the next thirty years. Brookline is demonstrating that a clean energy future is possible, now.

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  • MA - Brookline Bylaw Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Major Construction


    November 20, 2019

    Contact: Alise Murawski at [email protected] or 202-702-6903 

    Kalin Jordan at [email protected] or 253-249-1193


    Brookline Bylaw Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Major Construction 

    Bylaw is only such regulation in country to address not only new construction but also renovations, will significantly reduce local emissions

    BROOKLINE, Mass. — Brookline Town Meeting tonight approved sweeping legislation prohibiting installation of new fossil fuel infrastructure in major construction. Passed with a vote of 207 to 3, with six votes abstaining, sponsors and supporters of the bylaw, known as Warrant Article 21, are confident that it will reduce Brookline’s carbon emissions from buildings by an estimated 15% over the next 30 years through this single action. The bylaw is part of a wave of fossil fuel bans initiated in July in Berkeley, California. Brookline’s ban is the first one east of the Sierra Nevadas and the only one to include renovation projects. 



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  • NY - Letter: PSC, make utility firms do their part

    Mother Out Front Lisa Marshall can't see why customers are being incentivized to switch to #frackedgas for heating and wrote a letter to the Times Union!

    It is the five members of the Public Service Commission, appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who are tasked with actually regulating the utilities. It is their job to ensure that the utilities do their part to meet our greenhouse gas emissions targets while keeping households connected to heat and power. Right now, the PSC is sitting on an energy efficiency order that can do just that.

    Read the whole letter:

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  • VA - VICTORY today in Hampton Roads!

    Great News from Hampton Roads, VA!

    The regional committee that consists of all Hampton Roads cities and towns was considering supporting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The vote was scheduled today (October 17th) but they decided to delay the vote (WIN) until after they have formed a committee that will include community stakeholders (Super Duper Win!) and study the issues/concerns for supporting it. From what I understand, that process could take over 6 months. (Woohoo!)

    The chairperson for the committee said during the meeting that they received over 150 emails by yesterday afternoon, another 50+ came in overnight and we're sure even more came in today. This doesn't count the emails, tweets and tags that went out directly to the individual members of the committee. 

    Over 20 people spoke during the public commenting period (which took over an hour!). Most of the speakers were speaking out against the ACP and associated pipelines like the Southside Connector and of them, most were residents of impacted communities from Georgetown in Chesapeake. 

    Allied organizations included the Poor People's Campaign, Sierra Club, Mothers Out Front, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, SCLC and the NAACP.

    This is very exciting for us in Hampton Roads!


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  • MA - NEWS: Rally calls for National Grid to repair gas leaks

    Mothers Out Front in Massachusetts held a rally with allies on July 31st to make sure that National Grid understood we wanted them to keep their promise to fix the gas leaks. We're grateful to the Boston Globe and the community for listening!

    Protesters decked out in neon orange, yellow, and green vests called on National Grid to repair gas leaks across the state at a rally in Boston on Wednesday.

    Members of Mothers Out Front, Gas Leaks Allies, the Sierra Club, and other environmental groups gathered between the MBTA’s Government Center Station and the John F. Kennedy Federal Building to bring attention to the problem, a waste of energy and a significant contributor to climate change.

    Organizers said the rally was held at a site of a major leak near the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

    Protesters held signs with large letters that spelled #FIXBIGGASLEAKS for a drone that took pictures from above, and many pointed to a dead tree at the center of the circle as evidence of the nearby leak.


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  • MA - Concord mothers to NGrid: Fix these gas leaks

    Mothers Out Front Concord takes it to the source! Congratulations to the team on being #inthenews and changing the conversation! Thank you to Concord Wicked Local for covering this issue.

    “We’re here to hold them accountable, make them comply with the regulations and to keep their promises to measure and fix these gas leaks,” Davis said. “The reason we’re so fired up about this is because they’re over 16,000 gas leaks in the state of Massachusetts. And the methane that leaks out is 10 percent of our emissions in the state. It’s the same amount of emissions that all the business and stores in the whole state (discharge). It’s a huge greenhouse gas emitter.”

    Read all about it!

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  • MA - Somerville mothers demand National Grid fix gas leaks

    Mothers Out Front Somerville is taking on National Grid, together with other teams throughout Massachusetts, to #FixBigGasLeaks!

    “I’ve been in the same house for the last nine years and, like every other resident in East Somerville, I’m in National Grid territory,” she said. “I’ve known for years about gas leaks in the area — it’s been an ongoing problem for 20 years — but I started getting involved in Mothers Out Front in Somerville because I knew they were raising awareness about leaks as a safety threat and an environmental threat.”

    - Mother Out Front Paola Massoli


    Read the whole story here:

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  • MA - NEWS: Mothers helping to fight Air Quality Permit Approval for Weymouth

    Mother Out Front Susan Lees #InTheNews and demanding that Governor Baker stand by our communities and our families rather than fossil fuel interests.

    “Permitting this dangerous and toxic facility next to neighborhoods where residents raise families, send their children to school, and build communities is deeply negligent,” said Susan Lees of Mothers Out Front, an environmental activist group. “Governor Baker must show that he has the backbone to stand up to large energy corporations and intervene in this broken permitting process.”


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  • PROFILE: In Upstate NY fossil fuels will turn into solar and data


    Lisa Marshall isn’t your typical activist. For one thing, she’s not into crowds. “I don’t really like rallies,” Marshall, a mom of three from upstate New York, said. “They’re a little stressful — not my favorite thing.”

    Marshall, who has two degrees in earth science, remembers being concerned about fossil fuels when New York activists began to push Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to ban fracking in the early 2010s. But she didn’t know the best way to become involved. “At that time, one of the main strategies, which was very effective in New York, was to just show up wherever [Cuomo] was and make sure he had no peace from the activist community until he banned fracking,” she said. “It just was very overwhelming.”

    Then, at one of her first organizing events for the activist group Mothers Out Front, Marshall realized that organizing wasn’t just about making noise.

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  • MA - TV NEWS: Worcester Residents Demand Gas Leak Repairs

    MA - WORCESTER! We want to send a huge shoutout to Mothers Out Front Worcester for their incredible progress on gas leaks this month, including TV press coverage (below), interviewing Gaylen Moore and Patricia Kirkpatrick. The team has been working to get gas leaks fixed at elementary schools and to highlight the health risks of gas, particularly for children. Worcester has one of the highest rates of asthma in the nation.

    With gratitude and congratulations to the team!

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