Pages tagged "Training"

  • Section 1: What is NationBuilder and Why Do We Use It?

    In this Section we’ll cover:


    • What is NationBuilder?
    • Why do we use NationBuilder versus other platforms?
    • How Mothers Out Front uses NationBuilder to win campaigns
    • What to consider before using NationBuilder, and best practices for using the database
    • How to get trained to use NationBuilder
    • How to access the information in the database



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  • Section 2: Inside NationBuilder (A Brief Tour)

    In this Section we’ll cover:

    • Key terms specific to NationBuilder and Mothers Out Front
    • NationBuilder naming conventions
    • How each Mothers Out Front database is structured
    • The Mothers Out Front NationBuilder training process
    • A tour of the database
    • A tour of the NationBuilder dashboard
    • A tour of the NationBuilder People Tab



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