Triple Approvals by Lexington MA Board of Selectman move the town toward sustainability!

Great news from Lexington, MA.  A Board of Selectman meeting brought about three decisions making the right choice for the health and future of all children.

On March 2, 2016:

  1. The Lexington Board of Selectman (BOS) supported establishing & funding a Net Zero task force! Approval is still needed at the Town meeting at the end of the month, but the process has begun!
  2. The BOS officially stated their plan to co-sponsor with state legislators (Rep. Jay Kaufman, Sen. Mike Barrett, Sen. Ken Donnelly) an open forum/meeting on the Gas Leaks in Lexington on Tuesday, May 17th, and are requesting that the gas utility participate!
  3. AND our ally, Sustainable Lexington, asked the BOS to approve a letter to our legislators and Governor Baker, Sen. Rosenberg, and Speaker De Leo, asking that net metering caps be lifted on solar, SRECs incentive program to be reinstated and that the value of net metering credits be maintained at a reasonable level. AND IT WAS APPROVED!

This was a terrific effort by Mothers Out Front - Lexington, MA - working for a livable planet. Lexington GWAC  and many allies who have worked hard to create a sustainable future for our kids!  #‎LexingtonMAisSwitchingTheSource


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