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As mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, we're all working hard to protect and care for our families now, when they need it most.

While we are reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Environmental Protection Agency has been breaking down the very protections we count on long-term for clean air, clean water and a healthy environment in which to raise our families.

Enough is enough.

Here's one thing you can do today: call them out on Twitter. This is our public square now, so let's use it!

Twitter accounts to tag:

Mothers Out Front: @MothersOutFront


Andrew Wheeler, EPA Administrator@EPAAWheeler

Allies: @NRDC  @350 @500womensci

Hashtags to include:

#DirtyAirEPADontCare  #KeepItCleanEPA


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Read an article or two from the list below and tweet your reaction along with the link to the article. Please include #DirtyAirEPADontCare in your message!

March 26 - The EPA announces it will waive enforcement indefinitely of many of it's health and environmental regulations to "offer relief to companies."

March 27 - EPA Temporary Waiver on Summer Low-Volatility Gas Requirements.

March 31 - The Administration weakens auto emissions standards, precisely when we are fighting a respiratory illness that has become a pandemic.

April 10 - EPA rolls back air regulations for waste coal plants in western Pa., W.Va.: Mercury rule exemption applies to three plants in Pennsylvania, one in West Virginia

April 14EPA won’t tighten rule for emissions tied to respiratory illness, Union Bulletin News

April 16 - E.P.A. Weakens Controls on Mercury, New York Times

May 12 - The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back EPA Regulations During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Op-ed by Sophie Levitt for Teen Vogue


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  • Moms and dads are working hard all over this country to keep their homes clean and their families #safe & #healthy! We didn't drop our standards because of #COVID19, so why did you @EPA? #DirtyAirEPADontCare


  • #MomsKnow that people with health conditions aggravated by pollution, like asthma, are at higher risk of dying from a respiratory illness like #COVID19! So why is the @EPA weakening auto #emissions standards? @MothersOutFront wants to know? #DirtyAirEPADontCare


  • Our children count on us everyday to make the right decisions to protect them. Families and communities are counting on you, @EPAAWheeler to protect us in ways that we cannot as individuals. Use your power to protect and not pollute. #DirtyAirEPADontCare #KeepItCleanEPA


  • The @EPA SHOULD protect our water, our air, and our families. Vulnerable communities count on you to set standards that reduce the impacts of industry on their health. But you're protecting oil and gas industries instead of us? Who pays your salary? #DirtyAirEPADontCare


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