Tweet for #CleanEnergy and #ClimateJustice

Ok, you've signed the letter, made your call, and now how about a Tweet! Moms know repetition matters!


If you don't know how to Tweet, or don't have an account, that's OK! We can help you with that in the future, and for today, please send your message with any images you want to include to [email protected] and we'll get that out for you on our national social media accounts.


Sample Tweets:

(Here are some samples to copy and paste, but remember that using your own words is the most effective way to be heard!)


[email protected] What’s the point in protecting American lungs from #COVID19 if we don’t protect them from pollution? Any stimulus passed must turn away from fossil fuel bailouts & embrace clean energy. @MothersOutFront wants you to #BuildBackBetter #NoFossilFuelBailout


I’m a working mom currently homeschooling my kid. I give any stimulus with a fossil fuel bailout & no aid for green energy a big, red F. @SpeakerPelosi let’s take the health lessons we’ve learned from #COVID19 and #BuildBackBetter. @MothersOutFront says #NoFossilFuelBailout


I’m keeping my children at home to protect them and all Americans from #COVID19. @SpeakerPelosi, quarantine any stimulus with a fossil fuel bailout so we can #BuildBackBetter with green energy and protect our health. @MothersOutFront #NoFossilFuelBailout


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