VA - VICTORY today in Hampton Roads!

Great News from Hampton Roads, VA!

The regional committee that consists of all Hampton Roads cities and towns was considering supporting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The vote was scheduled today (October 17th) but they decided to delay the vote (WIN) until after they have formed a committee that will include community stakeholders (Super Duper Win!) and study the issues/concerns for supporting it. From what I understand, that process could take over 6 months. (Woohoo!)

The chairperson for the committee said during the meeting that they received over 150 emails by yesterday afternoon, another 50+ came in overnight and we're sure even more came in today. This doesn't count the emails, tweets and tags that went out directly to the individual members of the committee. 

Over 20 people spoke during the public commenting period (which took over an hour!). Most of the speakers were speaking out against the ACP and associated pipelines like the Southside Connector and of them, most were residents of impacted communities from Georgetown in Chesapeake. 

Allied organizations included the Poor People's Campaign, Sierra Club, Mothers Out Front, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, SCLC and the NAACP.

This is very exciting for us in Hampton Roads!







Today the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission deliberated on a resolution regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We are pleased that they listened to the community and agreed to form a committee to study the issue before voting on the matter. There is no compelling need for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Hampton Roads. Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) and Dominion Energy have substantially exaggerated the likely growth of energy demand to the Hampton Roads region to justify the pipeline extension. VNG predicts 7.4 percent annual growth over the next five years while multiple independent estimates put the growth rate at less than 2 percent.

If constructed, the fracked gas delivered on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is likely to be more expensive for area customers than other options. Non-pipeline alternatives are available at similar or lower costs. Alternatives include biofuels, electric instead of gas heating, electric battery storage, gas energy efficiency, gas demand response, interruptible rates, and liquefied natural gas storage. Our children deserve better. 

Ethel Whitfield Mitchell, a member of Mothers Out Front and a resident of Georgetown Colony for 46 years concerned about the ACP, said today, “this is what happens when leaders support the citizens and our quality of life.” Mothers Out Front looks forward to working with the commission members to bring the voices of the community to the table. 




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