It's time for #VoteByMail

Mothers Out Front feels strongly that if there are more people at the table with a variety of perspectives, we can make better decisions. This year, exercising our right to vote is one of the most important things we can do to make sure our communities will benefit by the best possible decisions.

Vote by Mail makes perfect sense during a pandemic when no citizen should feel they have to risk their lives to cast their ballot.

The Brennan Center for Justice notes:

  • 23% of ballots were cast by mail in 2016,
  • 26% of ballots were cast by mail in 2018.
  • Five states — Hawaii, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado — will run all-mail elections this year.
  • In 28 states and the District of Columbia, any voter has the right to request a mail ballot without excuse in November. 
  • There were only 143 cases of fraud using mailed ballots over the last 20 years.

It's time to raise our voices so all American citizens can exercise their right to vote.




Thank you! If you have a few more minutes, tweet to your Governor and either thank them for their support of vote by mail, or urge them to begin supporting it  Here's a link that may help you find your Governor's handle on Twitter quickly! Tag them and @NatlGovsAssoc in your post!

If you live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Oregon, Utah and Washington, your state already has Vote by Mail planned, so please thank them. 

Hashtags to use: #VoteByMail #VoteLikeAMom


Sample Tweets

  • We are calling for action now to ensure that eligible, registered voters in our state are able to vote-by-mail this upcoming election. Will you support our citizens right to vote safely this fall, Governor? #VoteByMail #VoteLikeAMom @NatlGovsAssoc


  • We must be able to run a free, fair, and safe election this fall, now more than ever. Americans have been staying home to protect our communities. Let's vote early and by mail to protect them. #VoteByMail #VoteLikeAMom @NatlGovsAssoc


  • Adopting early voting and #VoteByMail is the only way to make sure all our citizens are heard. Moms know the best decisions are made when everyone is at the table. Governor,  please adopt #VoteByMail#VoteLikeAMom @NatlGovsAssoc


  • No one should have to choose risk their health in order to cast a ballot. Governor, make voting accessible to everyone this fall with #VoteByMail and #EarlyVoting. #VoteByMail #VoteLikeAMom @NatlGovsAssoc @MothersOutFront

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