We #StandWithMaura

On Monday, December 12th, Texas federal district judge Ed Kinkeade cancelled the deposition he had scheduled for Attorney General Maura Healey regarding her investigation of ExxonMobil.

Mothers Out Front celebrates this victory for the Attorney General’s investigation, for Massachusetts law, for corporate accountability, and for our growing power to protect our children.


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has been investigating ExxonMobil for misrepresenting climate science to its investors and to the public.  

Last month, in response to ExxonMobil’s claims that Healey was attempting “to satisfy a political agenda,” a judge in Texas ordered her to appear in Dallas on December 13 to answer questions about her investigation. The judge's sudden reversal is a first step toward holding ExxonMobil accountable for decades of misrepresenting the threat of burning fossil fuels.


As citizens and as mothers, we cannot allow corporations to abuse our judicial process and undermine the authority of state law enforcement. Attorney General Healey’s office has consistently argued that a state investigation into violations of state law by a company operating in Massachusetts—with victims in Massachusetts—needs to be heard in a state court. Corporations should not be allowed to determine where a case is heard.

ExxonMobil’s position seems to be that the First Amendment allows the corporation to say whatever it wants. We support our Attorney General’s position that failing for decades to disclose the impacts of burning of fossil fuels, while ExxonMobil’s own scientists were sounding alarm bells, may constitute a form of securities fraud.  

We applaud our Attorney General for helping to tell the story of ExxonMobil misrepresentations of climate change science.

We are also heartened to see Attorney General Healey and her team putting the power of the law to work for the people over politics. We support her investigation as part of the fight to make fossil fuel corporations accountable for their role in climate change. The more we can rewrite the story of fossil fuels, the more we can keep it in the ground, increase the demand for renewable energy, and create the clean energy future we want for all children.

With gratitude to Maura Healey and our shared commitment to justice,

MA Leadership Team
Randi, Eugenia, Sue, Maura, Anne, and Debbie

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