Mothers Out Front Welcomes Greta Thunberg

Mothers Out Front is proud to welcome Greta Thunberg to the U.S. As mothers we feel the urgent need to lead the way forward to a clean energy economy and a livable climate. We want Greta to know that we support her and the millions of youth around the world that she has inspired to action.

We have until 2030 to cut carbon emissions by half. The denial and inaction of prior generations have led to the mess we are in. Now, the youth of the world want to know - will adults take necessary action to protect their health and safety

Mothers will join the global climate strike and lead the way for other adults to join. We will show the youth of the world that they are not alone. Once the strikes have ended, we will hold all elected officials and business leaders responsible for doing all they can to ensure a swift and just transition to clean renewable energy. 

We do this for all children and their hope of a livable climate.




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