Winning Climate Organizing- Racial Justice to the Center! Two Day Training August 13th from 1-4pm ET and August 14th from 5-8pm ET

As our allies at the Climate Justice Alliance say, "Transition is inevitable - Justice is not." Join us for this in depth two-part virtual training designed by AORTA (Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) for MOF staff and members where we will explore together the ways that the call for racial justice is inherent to our call for a livable climate. Together we will unpack some of the common ways that systemic racism, which permeates our society, shows up in our organizing. We will model and collectively share ways we can work to disrupt those patterns as we build powerful multi-racial, multi-class groups positioned to win a sustainable world for our families and communities.

This training is highly encouraged for all active members and is also open to allies and new members. Let's build a shared understanding and get on the same page about the critical intersections between racism and climate change as we build our movement at Mothers Out Front. This is a two day training with both parts intended to be taken together.

Come prepared for an interactive and participatory training that is steeped in learning and education, tools for assessment, and practice that supports participants to feel resourced and ready to more deeply enact racial justice values in their MOF work.

You will receive information about webinar links for each day in your reservation confirmation email. 



August 13, 2022 at 1:00pm - 4pm


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