Yellow Springs, Ohio


We are leading the way in the midwest with Mothers Out Front's first team in Ohio. We got started in Yellow Springs in summer 2016 and are growing quickly. Besides training house party facilitators and hosting house parties, we've participated in the Women's March on Washington, hosted postcard parties so our community can write to our leaders, and organized a rally in support of the Environmental Protection Agency in downtown Dayton. We have a lot of events planned for the near future, so stay tuned!

Our first goal is to grow our Yellow Springs team of mothers by hosting house parties and reaching out through community events. We are preparing a project that will help local households switch to 100% renewable electricity sources, because a swift and just transition to renewable energy is critical to our children's future.

We need YOU and want you to get involved! We are actively looking for volunteers to:

  • Host a Mothers Out Front House Party: If you gather 5 to 15 friends, we’ll provide trained facilitators to lead an engaging discussion about the urgency of climate change & how Mothers Out Front is mobilizing for a livable planet.
  • Be a House Party Facilitator: Learn how to lead informative and empowering discussions about climate change and how Mothers Out Front is taking action.
  • Join a local team: We have a team in Yellow Springs and will be building others. Contact us to get involved!

We are inspired by what mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other caregivers across the country have already achieved through Mothers Out Front. We are excited to bring Mothers Out Front to Ohio, and we want YOU to join us!


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